This gas, worth $19.1 billion per tonne

Jun 10 , 2022

Researchers have accidentally found traces of helium-3 on the Moon. Helium-3 is a type of helium gas that is not very common on Earth. The gas has also not been found to exist because it is transparent and cannot be seen or touched. Although helium-3 is also found on Earth, it would take a lot of manpower and limited resources to find it.

It turns out that this gas has been found on the Moon, and in surprisingly larger quantities than on Earth. There are about 1.1 million tonnes of helium-3 on the Moon, which could supply human power needs through nuclear fusion reactions. This one resource alone could sustain us for 10,000 years!

The road to efficient use of helium-3 is long and difficult


Although helium-3 could meet mankind's energy needs for 10,000 years, it will not be possible to recover it for some time.


The first problem is the extraction of helium-3, because if we want to recover it, we cannot leave it in the soil of the Moon. The gas would need to be extracted by humans so that it could be recycled. And it would also have to be contained in some container and transported from the Moon to Earth. But modern technology cannot yet extract helium-3 from the Moon.

The second problem is transport, since most of the helium-3 is stored in the lunar soil. Transporting the soil to Earth is still very inconvenient. After all, it can now only be launched into space by rocket, and the journey there and back is quite long and time-consuming.


The capacity of the capsules is also limited and the helium 3 is scattered over a lot of soil and is a pain to dig up. Therefore, if we want to transport helium-3, this mission will have to be developed further.

The third problem is the conversion technology. Even if humans were to transfer helium-3 to Earth, the conversion process would still require some time and technical costs. Of course, it would be impossible to replace other materials using only helium-3 as a substance. This is because it would be too labour intensive in modern technology and other resources could be extracted through the oceans.


All in all, lunar exploration is the most important project for our country, and it is something we must experience whether or not humans go to live on the Moon in the future. At the same time, the Moon is the most important point of competition for every country, no matter which country wants to have such a resource for itself.


The discovery of helium-3 is also a welcome event, and I believe that in the future, on the way to space, mankind will be able to figure out how to turn the vital materials on the Moon into resources that can be used by mankind. With these resources, the scarcity problems faced by the Earth could also be solved.

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