Metal welding, heat treatment

Nitrogen can be used in metal welding to prevent oxidation of the welding site. Nitrogen can reduce the range of heat influence during welding and improve welding quality significantly. Nitrogen can be used in heat treatment processes, when metal materials are treated at high temperatures, it can ensure that the surface of the material will not be oxidized, while also reducing surface oxides and impurities.



                   Laser cutting

Nitrogen can be used to reduce the amount of heat generated during cutting, thus reducing the deformation of the material. Because nitrogen has a high density, it can convert laser energy into a large amount of heat energy, so that the heat generated during laser cutting can be effectively controlled. In addition, the nitrogen also helps prevent the surface from being melted by the laser, thus ensuring that the cutting surface is smooth and smooth.



                    Biomedical science

Liquid nitrogen allows cells to be quickly frozen to low temperatures, thereby preventing cell death and inactivation. Speed up the development of new drugs: Using liquid nitrogen speeds up the process of developing new drugs because it preserves the original properties of experimental samples.



                    Petrochemical industry

Nitrogen can be used in catalytic cracking unit, hydrogenation unit, molecular sieve separation unit cooling, reduce catalyst temperature, reduce evaporation and improve reaction conditions.

Nitrogen can be used for protective cooling in the storage room to prevent the storage material from losing its performance due to too high room temperature. Nitrogen is also widely used in coking plants. It is mainly used for protective cooling inside the coke field to prevent the coke field from losing its performance due to too high room temperature.



                    Electronic industry

Semiconductor packaging: Nitrogen can effectively prevent the oxidation of metal surface, reduce the production of pollutants, to ensure the quality of semiconductor packaging.

Solar cell packaging: Nitrogen can effectively protect solar cell components from oxidizing agents in the air, making their durability and reliability significantly improved.

PCB welding: In the process of PCB welding, the use of nitrogen as a protective fluid can effectively reduce the decay and melting time of the solder, to avoid the excessive melting of the solder joints caused by bad problems.

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