Medical oxygen

The medical use of oxygen generators is mainly for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as emphysema, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung infections, acute respiratory failure and hypoxemia. It can also be used to promote wound healing, reduce the risk of infection, speed up recovery time and reduce dependence on other drugs.



                  Oxygen for laser cutting

Laser cutting machine in the process of cutting, will produce a lot of heat, and the oxygen generators is used to help control and reduce these heat. Oxygen generators can help reduce heat generation by mixing oxygen with other gases and injecting it into the laser cutting head. In addition, it can also help to reduce the melting degree of the material surface, so that the material surface melting level is the best.



                  Industrial oxygen

The role of oxygen generators in metallurgy and welding is to provide precise concentrations of oxygen to control melting, combustion and reaction processes. It can help regulate oxygen concentration in order to get the best results in metallurgy and welding processes. In addition, it can also help reduce the concentration of harmful substances produced by welding, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances.



                  Agricultural oxygen

Oxygen generator can be used to improve the growth rate of crops, increase its yield, improve the quality of crops, reduce the dependence on chemical fertilizers, reduce the sensitivity of crops to pests and diseases, promote the root development of crops, improve soil water distribution, promote the diversity of soil microorganisms.



                  Oxygen for aquaculture

The role of oxygen generator in aquaculture is to improve the concentration of dissolved oxygen by injecting oxygen into the water body, so as to ensure the normal survival and growth of fish and other aquatic animals. It can effectively replenish deficient dissolved oxygen, reduce the mortality caused by deficiency, and promote the growth and development of aquaculture.




                  Oxygen for sewage treatment

Oxygen generator can promote the growth and metabolism of microorganisms by adding oxygen to water, so that pollutants are decomposed and removed under the action of microorganisms. It can also reduce the amount of suspended matter in the water by condensing solid materials such as calcium carbonate and separating them from the water. In addition, it can also help reduce ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, total organic carbon and other substances harmful to humans.

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