Selling oxygen generators to customers in St. Vincent

Apr 19 , 2023





Jules Williams:As an oxygen plant owner in St. Vincent, I faced a huge challenge when the pandemic hit. Due to the epidemic, nearly 60 bottles of oxygen are ordered every day, but we can only sell about 60 bottles of oxygen every week, which cannot meet the market demand at all. Therefore, I decided to buy oxygen machine from Bangwei, a Chinese foreign trade company. When the oxygen generator arrived, it succeeded in saving the lives of many of our fellow citizens. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Chinese Foreign Trade Corporation for its help and support to our developing country in South Africa. Not only did they help with logistics, but they also sent people to the area to install, train and repair them. In addition, Chinese foreign trade company Bangwei also helps enterprises cope with market competition by constantly optimizing product performance, reducing production costs and expanding production volume. They continue to develop new oxygen generators that allow companies to produce better and cheaper oxygen for the market. In short, the great contribution that Chinese foreign trade companies have made to South Africa and other developing countries is immeasurable. Thank China Foreign Trade Corporation for its special dedication to the people of South Africa!

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