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  • BW-Containerized PSA Oxygen Generation System
    BangWin's PSA Oxygen Generator equipment compact layout, module design, convenient transportation, save the site. It covers a small area. Easy to install, customers only need to connect the power supply and three pipes. And our equipment appearance beautiful atmosphere. The device is properly configured. Strict process control. Free wearing parts at random. Every device is turned on and tested before delivery. BangWin's PSA Oxygen generator oxygen purity can be reached 93±3%.Molecular sieve service life is more than 10 years, PLC control cabinet for Siemens PLC, built-in imported gas distribution system, ESG stainless steel pneumatic valve, automatic follow-up pressing device, touch screen display control: oxygen concentration, flow, pressure real-time display, concentration historical data storage display. BangWin's PSA Oxygen Generator equipment adopts oil-free design, does not contact with the compression medium, avoid the pollution of the gas in the compression process, to ensure the purity of the gas body, microcomputer controller control, high level of automation.

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