Nepalese customers visit the BANGWIN

May 26 , 2023

Recently, a customer from Nepal purchased a booster compressor from our company and we had a productive work discussion with them on the product. Our business representative Bob Li provided a detailed report on the booster compressor, and then introduced the extensive range of air separation equipment we offer to the customer. The customer had a thorough understanding of the booster compressor, which is essential to optimize the production processes in their manufacturing plant. However, they were also curious about the range of air separation equipment that we offer. Hence, our business representative discussed and demonstrated the benefits, applications, features, and services provided by our air separation equipment. Our business representative began with the basics of air separation and then continued to explain the different types of air separation processes available. They also spoke about the differences between each process and which is the most suitable and appropriate for the customer's needs. They discussed thoroughly each air separation equipment's capabilities and its capacity, application, and maintenance. Moreover, our representative shared how our company's after-sales service is fundamental to our clients' satisfaction and loyalty and explained the range of maintenance and support we offer on all our products. They further highlighted the importance of timely and effective maintenance on air separation equipment to ensure optimal operations. The customer was quite impressed with our business representative's detailed and professional presentation on air separation equipment. Our customer said that they had gained a deep understanding of the technology and that they looked forward to purchasing air separation equipment from our company because of its quality and the benefits it offers their business. They were very impressed with the range of after-sales services, maintenance, and support we offer, which would provide them confidence and peace of mind. In conclusion, the interaction between our company and the Nepalese customer regarding the purchase of the booster compressor and the introduction of air separation equipment was successful. It helped to build a long-lasting bond of trust between our client and our company. Our customer went back to Nepal with the knowledge to make an informed purchase decision on air separation equipment and to maintain its optimal performance. Our company's reputation and expertise of air separation equipment were reinforced through the interaction, and the customer's satisfaction will no doubt lead to future business opportunities.



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