Nanjing Bangwei Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd: Facilitating the Successful Bid of a Lighting Factory Project in Kyrgyzstan

Jun 15 , 2023


Nanjing, Date - Nanjing Bangwei Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd, a six-year experienced manufacturer of air separation equipment, has provided an outstanding solution for a bidding project of a lighting factory in Kyrgyzstan, ultimately winning the bid. As a partner in this project, we will be supplying high-concentration oxygen and liquid oxygen through our air separation equipment named KDON-250.


Since September of last year, Nanjing Bangwei Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd has actively collaborated with the lighting factory in Kyrgyzstan, offering the best solutions and professional support. In the face of urgent time constraints, our two sales representatives and one technical personnel have been available around the clock, answering queries and providing suggestions to the client. We have presented two meticulously designed proposals to meet the client's requirements.


The client expressed great satisfaction with our professionalism and dedication. Among numerous competitors, they selected Nanjing Bangwei Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd as their partner and jointly participated in the bidding process. The client highly appreciated our feasible solutions and commended our commitment.


Our KDON-250 air separation equipment is an advanced and reliable product specifically designed to provide the lighting factory in Kyrgyzstan with high-concentration oxygen and liquid oxygen. It will help the factory enhance production efficiency and ensure product quality, giving them a competitive edge in the market.


After three months of relentless efforts, Nanjing Bangwei Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd successfully won the bid for the lighting factory project in Kyrgyzstan. We take pride in this achievement and remain dedicated to delivering excellent products and services to our clients.


Currently, we are fully engaged in the manufacturing of the KDON-250 air separation equipment to fulfill the requirements of the lighting factory in Kyrgyzstan. We believe that this equipment will become a crucial component in their production process, driving sustainable success for their business.

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