Chilean Customer Signs Contract with BangWin for Cryogenic ASU Plant

Jul 11 , 2023

After receiving impeccable service and detailed product information from our dedicated sales representative, Bob, our Chilean customer made the decision to visit our factory in Hangzhou, China. Accompanied by Bob and Justin, our professional team members, the Chilean delegation embarked on a comprehensive tour of our facility, with a particular focus on the BWDOAr-350-4 Cryogenic ASU Plant, capable of generating argon and oxygen. The customer was highly impressed and satisfied with the visit.



Continuing their journey, the Chilean delegation was guided to the headquarters of BW International Trading Co., Ltd., located in Nanjing. During their stay, they had the opportunity to experience rich Chinese culture and savor traditional Chinese cuisine. The Chilean customer showed great interest in China's vibrant culture. In a pleasant atmosphere, our team provided them with detailed product introductions, accurate technical specifications, and attentive service.


As a result of the excellent interactions and the comprehensive understanding gained during the visit, the Chilean customer decided to sign a contract with BW Company for the procurement of the BWDOAr-350-4 Cryogenic ASU Plant. This significant agreement marks a new milestone in our international cooperation.


Expressing sincere gratitude to the entire BW team for their hospitality and support, the Chilean customer commended the impeccable service and professional approach demonstrated throughout their journey in China.



With this successful visit, we look forward to a fruitful and long-lasting partnership, providing innovative and reliable cryogenic air separation solutions to meet the customer's specific requirements.

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