Bangwin cryogenic liquid oxygen equipment solution in in Chile

Nov 10 , 2022

In september 2022, the cryogenic liquid oxygen equipment, 250 cubic meters per hour (model: BW-250Y), was signed for sale in Chile. The production was completed in September of the same year.


Communicate with the customer about the shipping details. Due to the large volume of the purifier and cold box, the customer considered taking the bulk carrier, and the remaining goods were loaded into a 40 feet high container and a 20 feet container. The containerized goods shall be shipped firstly. The following is the shipping picture of the container:

The next day, the cold box and purifier were also delivered. Due to the volume problem, the crane was used for transportation.

Cryogenic air separation unit (ASU) is a stable high proficiency equipment can generate Liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, gas oxygen and gas nitrogen. The working principle is drying saturated air with purification to remove moisture, impurities entering the lower tower becomes liquid air as it continues to be cryogenic. Physically air is separated, and high purity oxygen and nitrogen are obtained by rectifying in fractionation column according to different boiling points of them. Rectifying is the process of multiple partial evaporation and multiple partial condensation,get more information at


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